Deadline to Register to Vote in Pennsylvania Approaching

When was the last time you checked your voter registration? During this important election cycle, we cannot let anything go to chance.


You only have until October 19th to Register to Vote in this election.


Take a moment to look now, be sure you are a registered voter, and that all your information is up to date and correct. It takes only a moment to make sure, just visit this link



If you or someone you know are not registered to vote there ways you can still register safely and quickly in Pennsylvania by the Monday October 19th deadline:



It is crucial that we mobilize our union sisters and brothers across Pennsylvania to vote this year for AFL-CIO endorsed candidates. We need the help of members across every sector to make this happen.


You can volunteer to help your sisters and brothers in Pennsylvania get ready to vote.


 Sign up to make calls from the comfort of your home: 

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 5:30pm, and Saturdays at 11am


Get involved with the election by signing up to volunteer at this link: