The Countdown #21



Since announcing his run for office, Donald Trump has made it clear that he has an issue with people immigrating to the United States from Mexico and South America.


In rhetoric that has consistently been highly inflammatory and xenophobic, he paints people seeking asylum as criminals. That includes berating and mistreating youth brought to this country. Along with this divisive language has come divisive policy, like trying to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.


While many of the hundreds of thousands of recipients are youth, some are of working age and some adults brought to America have been provided relief through DACA. In fact, over half of all DACA recipients, over 300,000 people, are workers.


Over 90% of DACA recipients are from Mexico, Central, or South America, and even during this years’ Hispanic History Month, the Trump Administration has not let up on trying to completely dismantle this program.


There are 32 million Americans with Hispanic Heritage that are eligible to vote in this crucial November election.  That is why this year, for Hispanic History Month, Joe Biden spoke to voters of Hispanic Heritage in Florida and said, “You can decide the direction of this election.”


Our world can change in 21 days and we need You to make it happen! Get involved with the election by signing up to volunteer at this link: