The Countdown #2

This Administration has Failed Workers and Employers During this Pandemic

The Trump Administration has failed to protect the health and safety of workers. This also negatively impacts businesses and the economy.


Before taking office, Donald Trump made clear he wanted to dismantle accessibility to healthcare options like the Affordable Healthcare Act. Now, even in the midst of a pandemic where there are over 7 million cases of coronavirus and over 200 thousand Americans dead, this administration is working to remove healthcare from millions of citizens.


In March, the CARES Act was passed. Despite the relief, this provided to states the Trump administration refused to continue to provide these necessary benefits. This aid supports workers and employers.


Without that aid, the Economic Policy Institute estimates that by 2021, there will be 5.2 million fewer jobs in America. Fewer jobs in America means fewer businesses in America. That is why 77% of business leaders say they are voting for Joe Biden and 55% say the Trump administration deserves “an F” for their response to the corona virus pandemic.



Joe understands it must be a dynamic approach to re-opening the United States safely. This is why a majority polled trust Joe with their healthcare and economic stability. In a West Health-Gallup Poll, more than half of participants said they trusted Joe Biden more with the US healthcare system. His plan to get people back to work while keeping families and communities safe during these unprecedented times includes the paid time off necessary to recover, or help your loved one recover, from illness.



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