The Countdown #19

Undermining Job Security for Service Workers


In 2009, then President Barak Obama issued Executive Order 13495, “Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Under Service Contracts.” This provided that when a service contract expires, the next recipient of the contract will need to offer the original employees the first choice to refuse or accept employment under the new contract. 


Without this Executive Order new contractors and subcontractors are allowed to fire an entire workforce, despite how much time and value they added to the original employer.


In October, the Trump Administration revoked this order. Employers tried to spin this news, calling it ‘flexibility with incumbent’ workers. The truth is that it is a blanket action making it legal to fire workers en masse, leaving thousands of Americans unprotected.


Joe Biden stood by Barak Obama for Executive Order 13495, and he will continue to stand up for all workers in the United States. Joe, and his Vice-Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, are committed to strengthening unions, protecting worker organizing, and honoring collective bargaining agreements. They commit to this because they know that it will be workers that build back better.


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