The Countdown #18

Gig Workers


 There are approximately 55 million Gig Workers, or Independent Contractors, in the United States workforce. There are benefits that many clearly find in Gig Work, but some employers use this classification to take advantage of workers.


Being an Independent Contractor means you have should have a lot to say about the dynamics and conditions of your work. For example, many would think this kind of work offers you the ability to choose the best way to conduct your work and set your rates.


Yet, because of attacks on workers from the Trump Administration, companies like Uber can dictate how their contractors work down to the routes they drive, set the rates which fluctuate frequently, and even penalize contractors for a variety of innocuous infractions.  These companies have all of the control while avoiding any of the accountability they would have if these workers were employees.


Joe Biden has stood up to say he supports new regulations and definitions to define whether someone is a Gig Worker or Independent Contractor. Because if a company is dependent on a worker and controls many aspects of the work, they need to be accountable to that worker and provide the safety and benefits that are the rights of an employee.



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