The Countdown #16

Union Avoidance Tactics



One of the earliest anti-Union actions of the Trump Administration was to repeal the ‘persuader rule,’ an Obama Administration policy that required businesses to disclose when they were using outside agencies to prevent organizing. Businesses use contractors for anti-Union persuasion 75% of the time.



Over 300 million dollars are spent each year hiring these anti-Union lawyers and consultants, millions to prevent offering workers benefits and a fair wage. With the Trump Administration ending the persuader rule, these lawyers and consultants can hide their tactics, and workers are paying the price.



Joe Biden has pledged to reinstate the Obama Administration’s ‘persuader rule’ and would require employers to report any direct or third-party communication intended to suppress organizing. Joe will make sure employers cannot secretly hire lawyers and consultants that will find ways to intimidate workers in efforts to overpower Unions. He helped do that in 2016 as Vice President, and we can count on him to do it again.




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