The Countdown #15

Weakened Union Elections

The Trump Administration knows that solidarity is the only way to protect our Democracy from tyranny. It is why they sow division and unrest wherever they can, especially within Unions.


As a way to limit organizing during the pandemic, the NLRB suspended all Union elections, even denying members the ability to vote by mail. During a time when workers need to band together more than ever, not only to vote for their own leadership but communicate about helping their sisters and brothers, this administration was stripping workers of those rights. 



Unions know what it means to be all in together to come out stronger, we know this in our work and in our vote. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a detailed commitment to “strengthening worker organizing, collective bargaining, and unions.” They will make sure our freedom to organize freely and fairly is never restricted. This is why we must work relentlessly until we get Joe and Kamala, two of the most Pro-Labor candidates in modern history, elected as President and Vice President of the United States on November 3.



Our world can change in 15 days and we need You to make it happen! Get involved with the election by signing up to volunteer at this link: