The Countdown #11

Preventing Overtime Pay for Millions of Workers

Under the Trump Administration, the Department of Labor introduced a new rule in 2019, lowering the overtime threshold from just over 47 thousand dollars a year to just over 35 thousand dollars a year. That means 8.2 million workers in America had $12,000 taken from them this year by being denied that overtime pay. 


The ability to work overtime is income families have a right to when about 30% of people in management and 20% of those in farming, fishing, and forestry work more than 40 hours a week


Under the Obama Administration, worker overtime was increased $455 to $913 per week, from about $23,660 to $47,476 a year. They wanted to further increase worker overtime pay but were met with lawsuits from big business and Republican-controlled states. 


In 2016, it was Joe Biden that went out to talk to Americans about increasing overtime pay under the Obama era rule. Joe is doing that again this year, out here for workers letting them know that if we put him back in the White House, he will re-enact the pro-worker policies he has always been known for.


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