The Countdown #1

Worst Jobs Numbers Under Any President On Record


The numbers cannot lie and the United States Economy is down over 4 million jobs since Donald Trump took office. Our economy is far from ‘great’ when hundreds of thousands of Americans are still filing for unemployment for the first time.



This administration has regularly undermined job security, jeopardized the livelihoods of experienced workers, and spreads misinformation about the effects of their policies on workers. Over 22 million Americans in total are receiving some kind of unemployment benefit right now. Numbers on job growth in America have been kept since World War II and this President has the worst numbers for jobs of any recorded in history and that is not a tweet, it is the truth.



During the Obama Administration, when Joe Biden was Vice President, over 8 million jobs had been added in the final three years of their term. Joe, and his Vice-Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, are committed to strengthening our economy and creating more American jobs for union workers. They have the track record to get it done. Let’s vote them into office and get this country back on track.

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