2021-2022 NWPA ALF Scholarship Winners Announced

Traditionally, the NWPA Area Labor Federation offers 3 scholarships each that result from our essay contests for the coming school year. The NWPA  ALF Scholarship goes to a high school senior graduating in 2021. The David A Bielski Scholarship goes to a post-secondary student. and the Dr. David Ferster Scholarship goes to a Graduate Student. the aforementioned students must be a union member, dependent of a union member, or grandchild of a union member in good standing with an affiliated union in good standing with our organization.  In addition, we offer a "Theme Slogan Contest" open to any High School Senior graduating in 2021 who write the winning slogan for the Labor Day Parade in Erie, PA. The applicants for the "Theme Slogan Contest"do not have to have any union affiliation.
We would like to announce the winners of our 2021-2022 Scholarship Essay contest. First, let us thank every one of you who applied for our scholarships and all of our judges who reviewed the essays and helped determine our winners. We congratulate the students who applied, you have shown you are determined to obtain the necessary funding to further your education and you have more initiative than most of your peers. Our judges commented how difficult it was to select just one winner as so many of the essays were well written. We are proud of all of you! The winning essays are included in our July 2021 edition of our NWPA ALF NEWS. 
Below is the list of winners:
  1.  The $500 NWPA ALF Scholarship was won by letter F. That was Marah Rush her dad is from USW 150T. Her essay is on Page 8 of the July edition of the NWPA ALF NEWS.
  2. The $500 David A Bielski Scholarship winner was letter H. That was Andrew Wentzel his dad is a member of IBEW 712His essay is on page 9 of the July edition of the NWPA ALF NEWS.
  3. Unfortunately, we had NO applicants for the Dr. David Ferster Scholarship for a graduate student this year.
  4. The winner of the $200 Theme Slogan Contest was Zachary Gibson, he is a senior at New Castle High School. The Slogan he submitted was "Working Champions".
Two of the three scholarship winners received their awards at our 7:00 PM June 30th meeting in the 1st Floor Meeting Room of the AFSCME DC 85 Hall at 1276 Liberty St, Franklin, PA 16323.  Marah joined us via ZOOM for this blended meeting, We will see that she receives her award shortly.
We want to remind all of the applicants and even those who didn't apply that you will be able to apply next year. We have a website (http://unionhall.aflcio.org/nwpaalf) in the resource section are articles with other scholarships, grants, and additional ways to obtain funding. We hope you will take the time to check them out. We wish all of the applicants well as they go forward with their education and encourage you to apply next year.