From the sections’s drop down menu select create a new section and then choose the type of section you would like to add. For the purpose of this tutorial we will add a new default section.

The types of section you can create are:

  • Articles Section
  • Biography Section
  • Calendar Section
  • Default Section
  • Discussion Section
  • News Section

Once you click on the Create new Default link you will be redirected to the section creation window where you will need to configure the new section you are about to add.

Next you will find the Weight option and the Space options. Now the Weight option is used for ordering your list of sections. Higher value moves the section to the bottom of the list while lower value will cause the section to be displayed at the top of the list. Usually you can have a list of sections as a block in the home page of your Space.

Let’s move to the sidebar where even more options are presented for you to configure. From the top to the bottom the sidebar begins with the Section Visibility block where you will be able to whom this section should be visible. You can choose from the existing GroupsTeams and of course Users.

The last two blocks of options are the Publishing options and also the Authoring Information. In thePublishing options block you will be able to configure the publishing of your section and in theAuthoring Information block you will be able to configure the author, date and time when the section is published.

Of course when you are done configuring all of the options on that page at the bottom of the sidebar you will find the Publish button which will allow you to create your new section or the other optional buttonsSave as draft (in order for the section to be publically unavailable) or Preview if you would like to preview the section.


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