Adding additional menu items can be easily done by creating a "Basic Page".

In order to begin creating your page you will need to navigate to lower right "Create" button and click "Create Basic Page" .

There are few options you will need to configure before creating your content page. First and most importantly are the Title and of course the Body sections which you will need to fill based on your needs and personal likes.

The next set of options is actually presented in the sidebar of this page. From top to bottom the options are:

  • Feature image – Upload form which will allow you to set a featured image which will be shown above the body with the content of the page
  • Menu Options – This option will allow you to provide a menu item for that basic content page. 
  • Publishing Options - you can choose to make a note with your revision.
  • Authoring Information - you can put a different name as the author or change the publish date if you choose.

You can add more menu items on a single level below the very top parent, so only two levels total, one Parent level and one child level.

Click "Publish"


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