Promos are for links to any other content (external or internal) that you would like to highlight. For promos, you choose a background color and an icon.

Navigate to lower right corner "Create" menu and select "create promo":

Give it a title, this title is how it is referenced in the tool, but it wont be visible in the promo itself. The "Action Link" is the link to the internal or external content you want to promote or feature.

You also have the option to select an Icon. Font Awesome icons are used as symbols for common items on web pages such as shopping carts and buttons for social networks. It is the most popular, free and open source icon font available. Unless you uncheck the "Show in homepage display" checkbox, it will appear in the disignated areas on the homepage.

Click the font awesome link and go to the page and browse various icons if you see one that looks like something you want to use take note of the short name and just add that into the field.  Clicking in the Icon field opens a selection box from which you can choose an icon:

Click "save" to make it live.

Here is the finished promo:

This is similar to how it should appear on the homepage depending on the theming for your site:



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