Actions are for external advocacy-type actions (petitions, etc.). They require a photo, and a short paragraph of description text. First create the petition or join form in the Action Network tool. This guide will not cover creating the Actiob Network form or petition.

Navigate to the lower right corner "Create" menu and select "Create Action". Fill out the title, body paragraph, button text and URL to the Action Network petion/form. In the URL field the full link to the petition should used, for example "", instead of just ""

Click the button to for "Featured Image" you can browse to your own file system on your PC to select an image or as in this example, we will select an image from the "Asset Library" in UnionHall. When the window appears, select "Library":

In the drop-down selection field where you will see the name of your site, activate the drop-down list clicking the field and select "Asset Library", then double-click the "Apply" button:

This will open a listing of available images. select one by double-clicking on the image title in the thumbnail:

The selection window will close and you be back in the edit screen for the Action. Notice that red warning text instructing you that you must crop the image. 

Adjust the selection window for crop tool to your liking and the click the "Save" button.

Your "Action" is now ready to go!. click "Save" to publish.

This is how your Action will appear on the "Take Action" section:

If you didn't disable "Show in homepage display" checkbox, it will appear in the designated area on the homepage:

Here is the finished action:


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