Add name and job title. Job titles for leadership will be stored as part of the sites setup.

  • Complete the Create Biography form:
  • Note: Required fields are: Title/Position, Image, and Bio
  • Title / Position will show existing titles as the field is filled in. New titles will be added to the site taxonomy.

Images must be larger than 445x322 pixels and smaller than 2 MB in files size. Allowed image file types are .png, .gif, .jpg, and .jpeg. Click the UPLOAD button to add the image.  After an image is uploaded, alternative text can be added for accessibility.

Select this checkbox if biography is someone is in a leadership position in your organization.  Select green publish button to make publically available.

Click "Publish" .

Next navigate to the "About Us" section ensure that the Officers are in the proper order. Under the first bio, look for the block table with the listing of officers. In that block you can mouseover and drag and drop into position:

In this example I've dragged the President to the top position.

And here you can see the finished result under "About Us" :


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