navigate to your home page, look to the lower right corner of the browser and click the button with the pencil on it. That is the edit key.

The edit page that opens up has a “Branding” link, click on it to open the options.

ook for “Banner Image”. You can select your own high resolution image minimum 1600px x 745px or one from the asset library

Changing the Default Banner Image

Under "Banner" Click "Remove" under "Banner Image"

The Image will be removed and you'll see a "browse" button. Select "Browse"

The select file window will open, click the "Library" tab to open the next screen.

The name of your space will be in the drop down, click the drop down menu to open the list and select "Asset Library"

Click the "Apply" button. Make sure the "Library" tab is still active.

You'll then see a list of available images in the library. Double click on the image to select it.

The window will close and you'll be returned to the edit screen for your site banner.

Click "Save"


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