1.1  Create Tier 1 and Tier 2 Spaces

  • Create a new Space (this will be Tier 1)
  • Create a Section in the Tier 1 space
  • Create a Subspace in the Tier 1 Space (this will be Tier 2)
  • Create a Section in the Tier 2 space with the same Section Type as the Section created in Tier 1
    • Note: syndication requires matching Section Types
  • Open the top left Open Atrium menu, open the Structure tab, and select Taxonomy

1.2  Create Syndication Tags

  • Click add terms link in Syndication row

  • Add a tag name (e.g., "tag1") and click SAVE button

  • Create an Article in the Tier 1 Section, add the appropriate tag under Syndication, andclick the SAVE button

  • Edit the Tier 2 Space, add the appropriate matching Tier 1 tag underSyndication, and click the SAVE button
    • Note: on Tier 2 tag on the Space

1.3  Manage Syndicated Content

  • Navigate to the Tier 2 Space. The Tier 1 Article will display.
    • Note: the URL structure for the Article will show that it has been copied to Tier 2
  • Content can be added above the Tier 1 Article content, but the Tier 1 Article content cannot be modified from within Tier 2
  • Editing the Tier 1 Article content will automatically update the Tier 2 copy of the Article
  • Unpublishing the Tier 1 Article will also unpublished the Article in Tier 2
    • Note: Deleting a higher-tier article will remove it from all subscribed tiers without the ability to retrieve it again 
  • Tier 2 copy of the article does not have the ability to add Syndication tags so that content cannot be further copied outside of the original syndication
  • Content cannot be syndicated across from a sites on the same tier level (e.g., from a Tier 1 site to another Tier 1 site)

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