If your organization has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and Youtube you can customize your site to show the icons along the top banner. If your organization does not have account on these social networking sites the accounts belonging to your parent site will be inherited.

To add your organization's accounts, you can follow these steps:

First, ensure you are on your homepage, and click the "edit" button in the lower right menu.

All you need is the name of the account to add it to your site. In the example, we will add the Twitter account. You can see the account name in the Twitter URL

You have the account name for Twitter, and you've ensured you're on the homepage. After you click the "edit" button in the lower right, the form fields will open for your website. Click the "Social Properties" link.

Now you're ready to add the account name in the field for Twitter:

Any social networks where you have an account for your organization can be added here. Only the icons where you have the account name populated will show. Click the "Save" button when you are finished.

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