To setup an identifier for  Google Tag Manager go to the menu gear on the left and click to open the options. Select "Variables".

In the next window, select the Google Tag Manager tab. Click the link for "Sign up for GTM"

To get started managing your tags using Google Tag Manager:

  1. Go to to create a Google Tag Manager account (or to access an existing account).
  2. Create a container for your site or app.
  3. Enter an account name, optionally select the checkboxes to enable sharing data anonymously with Google and others and click Continue.

  1. Enter a container name when prompted in the Setup Container dialog. Select the container for WebiOS, or Android. If setting up a mobile container, select whether you're using the Firebase SDK or one of the legacy SDKs. Click Create.

  1. Review the Terms of Service and click Yes if you agree to those terms.

From the generated code snippet copy and paste the "GTM-XXXXX" identifier to you settings screen in UnionHall

Click "Save Google Tage Manager" button

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