You can embed code from Action Network in the sidebar of a page in your website providing you have the permissions to utilize the "Customize this page" feature. If you look at the set of icons in the lower right corner, you may see a button the a paper symbol on it.

This puts the page into an edit mode where you can edit regions of the page. This feature is also called the "In-Place-Editor". In the region you want to add the content, click the button with the "+" symbol.

Clicking the Add button with open a window with various types of content listed. We want to select "Add Text"

A new window will open with a place to add the title and below that a WYSIWYG field for the text content. Select the "Full HTML" option in the drop-down.

Go to your form you've created in Action Network and select the embed code you want to use.

Mark the code and ctrl C to copy. Paste into the text window for "Full HTML"

Add a title and click the "Save" button. You will be taken back to the page in edit mode. You must click the "Save as Custom" button to save the content in the page.

Your page will be saved with the Action Netwotk signup form in the Sidebar.

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