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The Georgia AFL-CIO Stands in Solidarity with Dreamers

Charlie Flemming
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Georgia State AFL-CIO President Charlie Flemming made the following statement on the announcement that the Trump administration will terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program:

The decision by President Donald Trump terminate DACA and take-away work authorization away from 800,000 productive members of our American society is wrong. This decision strips work authorization from 47,000 Georgia workers who contribute $66 million dollars to state and local tax revenue. Ending DACA will create more vulnerable workers, who without proper work permits, will be open to retaliation when taking advantage of their right organize on the job or speak out against abusive working conditions. Ultimately, this indefensible decision will undermine our freedom to join together and fight to raise wages, standards and keep our workplaces safe.

This is a direct attack on working families and their values. Trump’s decision only strengthens our resolve to overcome racial divisions and demand changes to a system rigged to benefit the wealthiest and corporations. The Georgia labor movement will push for the Dream Act which will provide a pathway to citizenship for these young workers, while continuing to oppose enforcement measures that generate fear in our workplaces and communities. We will stand with these brave young workers and fight for legislation so that the contributions they make are celebrated, rather than assaulted.

The Georgia AFL-CIO stands unequivocally with Dreamers, immigrant workers, their families and their communities.