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Amid Game Industry Layoffs, AFL-CIO Says It’s Time for Workers to Organize

Charlie Hall
12 Mar, 2019
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On Feb. 15, just days after massive layoffs at Activision Blizzard, the AFL-CIO issued a powerful public statement of support to game developers in the United States. Also known as the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, the AFL-CIO represents more than 12 million workers in 50 different labor unions, including a unit here within Vox Media. Its message, published in an open letter at Kotaku, was both simple and profound.

“This is a moment for change,” wrote secretary-treasurer Liz Shuler. “It won’t come from CEOs. It won’t come from corporate boards. And, it won’t come from any one person.”

“You have the power,” she continued, “to demand a stake in your industry and a say in your economic future. What’s more, you have millions of brothers and sisters across the country standing with you.”

Polygon reached out to Shuler by email to learn more about the AFL-CIO’s position on unionizing the games industry, and about what it feels is its role in supporting a group of workers that feels increasingly pushed to the brink. We’ve added links to provide additional information and context where needed.

Read the full interview.