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Women Can Close the Pay Gap by Forming Unions

Kayla Blado and Katie Barrows
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In 2018, women once again came home with over 16% less money in their paychecks. Tuesday is Equal Pay Day, which means women had to work until April 2—92 days longer—to be paid the same amount as a comparable man in 2018.

For many women of color, this gap is much worse. For the past 15 years, the gender wage gap has barely budged and persists across all wage levels and among employees at every education level. More and more, women are turning to their unions to implement workplace tools to narrow the gender wage gap.

In 2016, women in unions were paid 23% higher wages than those not in a union. Moreover, unions have narrowed the gender wage gap to just 6%. Plus, those of us in unions are also more likely to have various types of paid leave to balance work and family.

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