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The Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council meeting will take place on June 28. At 7:30 PM.

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Every Texan who is willing to work hard and do their part deserves a fair shot to get ahead. 

It's time we hold politicians accountable and demand they stand up for policies that help working families.

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What could be more democratic than town hall meetings, election participation, petitioning, organizing, and studying for change?

Working Families Town Hall Meeting Set

 As too many working people struggle for a fair shot at success, the Texas AFL-CIO will host a town hall meeting to discuss how Dallas residents can meet the challenge of improving their livelihoods.

 The event is set for 11 AM-1 PM Saturday, June 16, at Audelia Road Branch Library, 10045 Audelia Road, in Dallas. Lunch will be served.

Monie Stewart-Cariaga recently decided to leave the townhouse she’s renting to buy a new home. For a single cocktail server, she couldn’t be in a better position to do it. Beyond the fair wage and tips she earns at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Stewart-Cariaga plans to take advantage of a home-buying assistance program run by the Culinary Workers Union Local 226, the powerful union that represents service workers like her on the Vegas strip.

With growing membership, a budget back in the black and a strike fund that is rising by the year, the Auto Workers are much stronger than they were four years ago, retiring union President Dennis Williams says.

And if you really want a comparison, Williams added one bombshell at the end of his keynote address to the union’s convention, which opened June 11 in Detroit: “We have looked death in the eyes during the Great Recession.”