Dallas Labor Confronts Weather Disaster

The Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast will be part of a mighty effort to help Texas disaster victims

Get Tickets for Dallas Labor Day Breakfast

Everything is happening with labor. Be a part of it by attending labor's main event, the AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast at 8:30 AM on September 4th at Eddie Deen's Ranch, 944 S Lamar, Dallas 75202. Reserve your tickets at 512-636-7211 or buy them for $35 at the door.

Dallas AFL-CIO Pitches In

As already posted, the Dallas AFL-CIO is raising funds for the Texas Workers Relief Fund and soliciting volunteers for Dallas Help for Harvey (dallashelpforharvey.net or dial "211").  Principal officer Mark York is also rounding up information on other useful efforts.

A more complete report and an outline of plans for disaster relief will be part of the Labor Day Breakfast at 8:30AM September 4 at Eddie Deen's Ranch, 944 S Lamar, Dallas 75202.

State workers picnic

State Workers Have a Picnic

Union members and political candidates flocked to the Dallas headquarters of the Texas State Employees Union on August 26 for an early labor Day barbeque.  Labor's effectiveness in the last elections and in the Texas legislative sessions demonstrated that progressive candidates need support from working people. The state workers advertised their picnic widely, including an interview on the "Workers Beat" radio program on KNON 89.3FM.

Everyone Should Like Labor

As the Dallas AFL-CIO Facebook page approaches 1,000 followers, people are realizing that they can get their friends to "like" the page and thus help spread labor's critical message.

Dallas AFL-CIO Facebook Page 

It is simple to go to the Facebook Page and then find the three dots that open up the opportunity to "invite friends" to "like" the page. Those who agree will then see all of labor's important posts on their own newsfeed.

Working people are the very core of the progressive movement. Helping the Dallas AFL-CIO organize and educate the public is critical for social change.

More Actions Coming Up

Sep 2, 3-5P: “The Commish” talk show with candidates for Dallas District Attorney at 1408 N Washington. Free

Sep 2, 6P: Gene Lantz speaks on “Labor Day and Labor History” at Roma's Pizza and Italian Restaurant, 7033 Greenville Avenue

Sep 4, 9A: Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast. at  944 S Lamar, Dallas 75202. Info at 214-826-4808

Sep 4, 11A: Tarrant County AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic at 95 Hurst Blvd, Hurst

Sep 4,12-4P: Dallas Democrats Labor Day celebration at 4930 Military Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75227

Sep 5: Garland Fire Fighters are needing our support with finding union members and activist to speak at Garland's City Hall Meeting. Information at 214-448-1557 

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