Labor's Election Work

Working people have an interest in every election. Click here and let's work together! The Dallas AFL-CIO represents all workers during elections just as we do at all times.

The Texas primary runoff election revealed that Dallas County voters favor the most worker-friendly candidates in seven of ten cases. Only three of the ten labor-endorsed candidates failed to survive the runoff election.

Final statewide endorsements by the Texas AFL-CIO are below our Dallas endorsements. 

On December 16, the Dallas AFL-CIO and progressive allies screened candidates for every race that will be on the primary ballot. 

At our meeting on May 18, City Councilpersons Adam Medrano and Tiffinni Young were joined by County Treasurer Pauline Medrano in congratulating the Council on our electoral successes in the first round. Candidate Omar Narvaez made a passionate appeal for support.

In the Dallas elections on May 6, the big money and the establishment newspaper did everything they could think of against some of labor's endorsed candidates. It didn't work out well for them, but it did for us!