The Countdown #17

States privatizing employment services


In the first week of October alone, over 800 million people filed new unemployment claims in America, four times the amount of unemployed prior to the pandemic. When people file for unemployment they are referred to various agencies for support and some that may help them get back into their career or even refine their job seeking skills.


Under Donald Trump, the United States Department of Labor ruled that these agencies can now allow private companies to provide employment services. Private agencies are able to limit job prospects and placements in ways that government employment placement agencies cannot. Due to this reality, these private agencies reduce the quality of job placements they present to their clients. This includes ignoring merit-based employment and refusing opportunities to those with a track record of valued experience.


Joe Biden has made one of the strongest commitments to labor of any candidates in modern history, and he can deliver on his promise. He believes in keeping people connected to their careers and supporting them through this crisis where unemployment rates soar.


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