When: Saturday, Sep 11, 2021, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

1700 NW 66th Avenue, Plantation, FL 33313 via zoom

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Honored Guests, 

Let me thank each one of you for your support for this year's Labor Ball. In these times of tight budgets, we feel truly honored by your presence and your support.
Labor Day is a time to celebrate the dignity of work and the struggles that working families are subjected to. Labor Day finds us confronting threats to our constitutional democracy unlike any we have seen and requiring our constant attention.
The good news is that across the nation we are seeing an awakening of renewed activism. The events of the last year have seen an outpouring of people of good sense and good will who still believe in the American promise.
Again, to our honored guests and supporters, 
Thank You for your friendship.
In Solidarity, Daniel Reynolds, President