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Workshop: Decarbonizing the Economy

July 12, 2021
11:00AM - 12:00PM
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Fighting climate change doesn’t have to come at the expense of good-paying union jobs.

We can reduce carbon emissions and create opportunities for economic revitalization in America’s manufacturing industries. If we use hydrogen and carbon capture technology, we can protect jobs in steel, concrete, petrochemicals, electricity and more.

Join energy and labor leaders on July 12 at 11 a.m. ET as they discuss pursuing the clean energy transition.

We’ll be joined by labor and energy leaders like:

  • Richard Trumka, President, AFL-CIO
  • Ernest J. Moniz, President and CEO, Energy Futures Initiative
  • Liz Shuler, Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO
  • Roxanne Brown, International Vice President, United Steelworkers

The science is clear. These innovations aren’t optional. And they don’t require us to sacrifice our livelihoods or living standards. Join us July 12 to find out how.