My Mail-In Ballot Never Arrived! What can I do?

If you requested your mail-in ballot and it has not arrived yet do not panic, there are many ways you can cast your vote over the next 8 days.


In fact, you can still request a mail-in ballot and if you wish to vote by mail you should request it immediately, you only have until tomorrow, October 27th. Click here to request a mail-in ballot in Pennsylvania. 


From the time you request a mail-in ballot to the time your completed ballot is returned you can keep track of it here. Here is a link to a helpful article about how the ballot tracker website describes the process of your mail-in ballot. 


Here is a link to an article with a lot of information about how to vote by mail this year including details on where to sign, graphics on the ballot, and more information on those famous secret envelopes. 

You can, of course, drop your correctly completed ballot in a mailbox or bring it to your local post office, a safe and secure way to get your ballot in. 


If you did get your ballot but decided you want to vote early and in-person, just bring your mail-in ballot to an authorized satellite voting location in your county with the ballot completed accurately. For a list of those authorized sites in each Pennsylvania county please visit this link. On election day you can also bring your ballot to your polling place where it will be voided and you will be permitted to vote at the location.



If you did not receive the mail-in ballot you requested you can still go to the polls on election day. If you requested to vote by mail your name will not be on their voting rolls, there is no need to worry that is normal, but you will need to ask to vote by provisional ballot. Remember, if you have not received your mail-in ballot it is still your right to cast your vote on election day.



If you need to vote by provisional ballot, you will be asked to follow these instructions:

1. Complete and sign the provisional ballot affidavit on the back of the provisional ballot affidavit envelope.

2. Mark your provisional ballot in an accessible and private area of the polling place.

3. Seal your provisional ballot in the secrecy envelope.

4. Seal the secrecy envelope in the provisional ballot affidavit envelope.

5. Sign the front of the provisional ballot affidavit envelope.

6. Return the sealed provisional ballot affidavit envelope to a polling place election official.

7. Receive your provisional ballot identification receipt.


All information on how to cast your vote in this important election in Pennsylvania can be found here:


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